Hey bitches, (I mean that affectionately!) my name is Darcy and I’m 20. Currently finishing up my second year of college in my sunny and morbidly humid home state of Florida. I’m looking to share any advice or perspectives that I can on beauty, style, femininity, and life. I’ve grown up around strong woman my whole life. My mom and older sister are both college graduates living out their dreams; they embody what I think it means to be a strong woman. I knew from a young age that I loved to write and I loved to tell people what to do so I thought it’s about damn time to put those two things together and make shit happen. I am always unapologetically myself in my writing and I like to use my authentic voice which means all my opinions are completely my own on here. I’m only really interested in getting some of these ideas I have out there in the multiverse for people to see and hear so they can become maybe a little bit more knowledgeable or just try something new. So, have fun kids and if you love something on here, tell your friends! 

xoxo   Darcy Mae Modica

Contact Info:

Email: darcymaemodica@gmail.com

Social Media:

Facebook – Darcy Modica

Instagram – @darcymaemodica

Twitter – @darcymaemodica

Snapchat – @darcccyyy


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