As I mentioned in my Eyeshadow Breakdown post, I know there are much cheaper alternatives to the palettes I picked. I have a few old Wet n’ Wild and E.L.F  palettes that I had originally planned on showing you guys to put into perspective the amount of shades versus the price but then I thought that these palettes are probably outdated and to just go out and find a better deal.

Now, the deal with me is I live at Target, it’s where I buy most of my drugstore makeup. So, when I was there recently I decided to compare what the prices for low-end eyeshadows and the amount of shades would be. So, this is strictly based on Target prices which in my opinion is the best place to get cheap makeup without relinquishing that quality factor as well. That doesn’t mean you can’t go cheap than this, like I said before it really depends on where your bank account is at.

These next brands are just a couple different palettes I found and the prices versus the amount of shades.

e.l.f  Everyday Smoky Eyeshadow Palette

e.l.f Nude Rose Gold Eyeshadow Palette

Both $10 for 10 shades

The Blushed Nudes from Maybelline NY

$10 for 12 shades

Bare Necessities and Nude Awakening from Wet n’ Wild

Both $6.99 for 10 shades

Covergirl Trunaked Nudes and Jewels (they also have a ‘Goldens’ palette, not pictured)

Both $5.99 for 8 shades

Those were just some of the deals for drugstore eyeshadow palettes but I scoured and scavenged and I found a deal that is probably the best amount of shades for the money you’d be spending.

Rimmel London Magnif’eyes ‘Nude’, ‘Blush’, and ‘Smoke’ Editions

They’re $7.99 for 12 shades  

All 3 fit the categories I laid out in my earlier post, the smokey eye palette, the flirty palette, and the nudes. The only one missing is ‘all the colors of the rainbow’ but I stand by the Morphe 35B being the best choice for the least amount of money. Together these palettes have 36 shades for $24. It’s the best option I could find in Target but that’s not to say if you went to Walmart, CVS or Walgreens you couldn’t find something better.  

If you liked this post, leave a comment and tell me what you thought or give other suggestions for anyone looking to find good eyeshadow palettes for cheap.

xoxo Darcy Mae Modica


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