The first part of an outfit that you should always start with is your shoes. At least, that’s what I think. A million years ago, I read in a Seventeen magazine article that if you start with your shoes and work your way up it makes the outfit come together better. So, I’ve been doing it ever since. It might explain why I have way more shoes than I need because hello? OPTIONS. It never hurts to have a little something different to choose from. I love color but unfortunately for my shoes, I don’t know why but a majority of them somehow ended up being black. So, today I’m showing you 4 plain black but still extremely stylish shoes that you could pair which an office/professional look. Who knows? Maybe I’ll be able to throw in a pop of color. You’ll have to read and see.

The first pair of shoes I want to talk about are these classic floral cut out flats from Mossimo, the brand that is mostly sold in Target stores. I purchased these from Plato’s Closet (my favorite thrift store) for $10. They can be paired with any cute but sleek dress or skirt and are way more comfortable and flexible than heels. It’s important to remember that while heels look great and I own a few myself, they aren’t necessarily the greatest fit if you are on your feet for part of the day or if you move around a lot in your job. Heels can also be a little much for a simple interview with a potential company you wanna work with so it’s better to dress it down a little and just wear some flats. A solid pair of black flats will take you a long way.


Speaking of, my next pair of shoes is another variation of black flats. These all-velvet black flats with gold accents to the bow at the front are my favorite pair of flats. They go well with cigarette pants or slacks and you can definitely change the color up on the pants to something like khaki-beige or a light military green. 

Now on to one of my new favorite shoe trends. Slip-ons. These Charles Albert black backless loafers are a huge craze right now. I found these at Plato’s Closet for $11. Charles Albert isn’t a really well known brand but it mostly sells at places like Amazon or Sears and they are relatively inexpensive. But, more importantly is the style. This kind of shoe has been on social media and a number of fashion blogs for a while now and I’ve jumped on the bandwagon. I think they’re effortless, chic and I can’t get enough of them. If you are in a hurry and can’t find your go to flats or you’re trying to dress up a bland or solid color dress/skirt then these shoes are gonna take you from modest to modern in no time.


Now onto heels, I’ve already mentioned my Merona open toed black chunky heels. Something you should know about me is I can’t do tall heels. My feet were just not made for them and everytime I try, I always end up suffering so I switched to short (like really short) chunky heels or kitten heels. They have not failed me yet and I can wear them for way longer than I could ever wear tall heels. So, the other day when I was thrifting in Goodwill I HAD to pick up these Bandolino close-toed dark navy blue (they look black) chunky heels. Bandolino is actually a brand that gets sold in places like Macy’s, Lord and Taylor, or Overstock. They normally retail for $40 to $50. I got them for $5 because Goodwill had them 50% off. They are obviously an older product but they’re still good quality. I would pair them with some distressed denim/boyfriend jeans, maybe if your office has a “casual Friday” this could be an outfit choice. It’s still comfortable but confident.


These are only a few options, there are so many out there to explore. If you are looking for more inspo head over to my Pinterest page. I have a section labeled “Shoe Stalking” with all my favorite pins of shoe styles. I hope this helped anyone who needed an extra dose of knowledge on professional shoes. Let me know what you thought of this post in the comments.



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