Coconut Oil (Organic, can get at any grocery store, bought mine at Walmart for $6)

Another oil but that doesn’t harden in cooler temperatures (Almond, Olive, Jojoba)

Essential Oils (Lavender, tea tree, peppermint, etc.)

Circle Cotton Pads

A jar (Mason, old Tostitos Salsa jar, candle container with a lid, etc.)

Before we jump into the process I wanted to go over why coconut oil is the fucking bee’s knees. Not only is it an organic ingredient and 100% good for you to put on your face but it has a gazillion uses. This is just one that I discovered recently that has seriously helped me but I’ve used it before in the past so I can’t believe I didn’t think of this before.

A little background on me, I have sensitive skin when it comes to certain products. I have been trying a lot of different makeup wipes for the past 6 months and it’s been a struggle. I used to get the regular cheap kind that come in a huge pack of 60 for $5 for the longest time because frankly the number of wipes in say, a Neutrogena makeup wipe container (25) versus the price $5 was just not a good deal. Unfortunately, those cheaper wipes hurt like a bitch when I used them. So, I tried the Neutrogena ones to see if they were better and they also hurt. So, on a recommendation from a friend, I tried the Burt’s Bees ones. Same result. It was centered mostly around my eyes. For the harder to get off makeup like eyeliner or mascara, it would irritate the skin around my eyes and create this burning feeling. I couldn’t find an alternative for the longest time so I actually stopped wearing makeup for a while. It wasn’t until by luck, I came across a makeup video of this girl who had bought wipes made with coconut oil in them that I had the idea to use coconut oil to take my makeup off. It worked so much better! My eyes weren’t irritated and it helped clear up my skin. I haven’t had a major breakout of acne either.  I had originally been just using the coconut oil out of the jar still in its solid form and then washing my face but I thought why not make it even easier. So, I did my research and voilà! Makeup wipes.


  1. To make to the Coconut Makeup Wipes, you should start by taking a half cup of your coconut oil and melting in in the microwave for 30 seconds-1min. Just until it’s a liquid or if you don’t like microwaves and think they’re a man-made contraption to poison us then heating it up on the stove works too.

2. Then once that’s done, you want to mix in another oil. It can be anything that doesn’t naturally harden in cooler temperatures like coconut oil. The mixture of another oil, deludes the coconut oil, to make sure that the coconut oil doesn’t harden again if you leave the pads out. I picked jojoba oil for this. Jojoba oil is also another godsend. It’s good for your hair, skin, nails, etc. I use it a lot on my nails to repair to damaged skin like hangnails and cuticles.

3. Then add a couple drops of your fav scent. I used lavender because I had it on hand for my air diffuser but it’s also one of my favorite scents. You can also go ‘au natural’ and not add a scent if your skin gets irritated with scents. I just added this to mine because I like things to smell pretty.

4. Next, you add in about a half a cup of water. This is to make it not so oily on your skin. If you have oily skin, you might want to change how much of each ingredient you use. I was making kind of a big batch so that why I’m adding so much.


5. Finally, mix it all together and pour it over your pads in the jar. I shook mine up so that all the pads absorbed everything and then if there is excess which there was with mine, I just pushed down on the pads with my fingers to drain all the excess out. I then did a tester to see if they really work. 5 STARS. FULL STAMP OF APPROVAL. LET’S GET THIS PARTY STARTED BITCHES.


Thank you guys for reading and if you want to see more like this or if you have any suggestions on DIY products or projects to try, let me know in the comments.

xoxo Darcy Mae Modica




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