Next up on my list of pieces to dive into for professional wear: Blazers! Funny story to go along with this post, I actually didn’t have any blazers so I had to go out and buy one. Okay, not really funny but whatever. I crawled out of my girl-cave and trekked to my local Goodwill because they are the best for simple cheap clothes. All the clothes in Goodwill are coordinated as well so I went straight to the jacket section and pulled out a couple different options. I ended up buying them all but I only used one for this post. It’s a dark navy blue blazer/suit jacket. I’m thinking it was originally a Men’s or little boy size but it fit me really well and it was only $3. I get some real Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman vibes in this thing so I HAD to have it. I basically took out some some go-to pieces from my closet that I could throw this over and complete the look while making it office chic. With most of the shirts I’m wearing a pair of Levi jeans I picked up from Marshall’s for $13, this is just to show you guys the shirts. For my ‘pants’ post I’ll go more into what kind of pants to wear.

I decided the first look is gonna be regular tank + t-shirts that you can pair with this blazer. I think for a casual day at the office or for an interview/client meeting, it’s completely acceptable to wear a tank or t-shirt with a blazer or suit jacket over it. It can give something simple like that a flair with a ‘business’ blazer and it’s not complicated or showy. I picked a regular H&M military green tank and a Ralph Lauren red and white striped shirt with a scoop neck in the back. They are both cotton shirts and are super comfortable. I picked the tank up at Plato’s Closet for $4 and the shirt from Goodwill for $4. All in all, not expensive to style these pieces together and they can be worn in an office setting.

My next piece is a little more upscale if you actually want to dress showy with your blazer. I paired it with my Xhilaration wrap shirt from Target. The shirt simply wraps around you and you tie it on the side. It gives a chic but still office appropriate look for those days when you really want to dress it up but still want to look ‘business professional’.


Now for those colder days, I put together a plain white button down also from Goodwill and threw over a tight knit gray sweater and then put my blazer on. You could even throw on another coat over the blazer if it’s freezing. But since I live in Florida and it almost never gets below 40 then I think the blazer is thick enough to keep the cold out. You could even add a scarf or hat and gloves.

Last but least, for those summer days when the heat is stifling. I paired my blazer with a floral patterned midi dress with spaghetti straps. The straps could be construed as not appropriate so that’s why I think it looks perfect with a blazer. It keeps you cool with minimal layers and it’s still worthy of an office space.

xoxo Darcy Mae Modica


Thank you guys for reading. I hope you liked my input, if not then leave! If you like this series so far or have any suggestions, let me know in the comments. I’d love to hear from you guys.


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