I’ve recently been going through all the people I look to for style inspiration. I’ve reflected on how they introduced me to certain styles and looks and ultimately are my fashion icons. So, as a way to showcase all my favorite fashion/style bloggers and just stylish people in general that I idolize, I thought I would start a new section featuring a new influence every month. I’m calling it “Style Icon of the Month”. I hope you guys enjoy! Let me know what you think and who your favorite fashion bloggers are!

First up for February is my favorite fashion blogger of all time. The one and only, Aimee Song.

As a little bit of background on Aimee, she didn’t originate in fashion or even go to a fancy fashion school. She went to design school in San Francisco for architecture. She had already established a blog by then but it was mostly for interior design. It wasn’t until later that she starting posting outfit pictures on Instagram that it really took off and she started garnering attention in the fashion industry.

Eventually she made a book. Which I bought, of course! I’ve been following her for awhile and after I read her book. I tried vehemently to implement her style. She puts outfits together very elegantly and yet with a chic street style. She also teaches in her book how she always finds a way to blend her looks with her surroundings for pictures. It’s the reason I’m obsessed with her page. Everything is almost seamless in the way her looks and her feed match. I always find myself trying to remember that when I set up my own feed.

She’s currently been at New York Fashion Week for February. She also vlogs as well and puts all of her travels up on YouTube. All of her looks are on her Instagram and of course are amazing! I would honestly call her the queen of the ‘shirt-jeans-heels’ look. I’m excited to see what else she cooks up for 2018.

To show off some of my favorite looks of hers, I’ve pulled some photos from her Instagram. If you want some real fashion inspiration. Go follow her on Instagram @songofstyle.  


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