I decided to do a separate posts about my eye creams and gels because I wanted to talk about how I’ve struggled and I know many people also struggle with under eye circles and bags under their eyes. It’s been kind of my mission recently to get rid of the dark circles under my eyes but at the same time I’m finding my biggest challenge is the most obvious one and I think the one thing most people struggle with and that’s getting enough SLEEP.

So I did a little research to sort of explain why your eyes get dark circles or bags in the first place and how important it is to get at the very least a regular sleep schedule. The first problem is that dark circles or bags can be caused by more than just lack of sleep. It’s attributed to an unhealthy diet, dry skin, prolonged crying, mental or physical stress, or some issues that we don’t have a lot of control over like heredity or aging. I just think my issues are a combination of not getting enough sleep and mental stress. So when I’m not trying to chill the fuck out (see my other post on ways to de-stress) I find myself trying to find good eye creams and gels even if they’re a little pricey.

While there are a lot of natural remedies as I’m sure everyone has seen before like the classic ‘cucumber slice over the eye’ or a ‘cold compress’. There’s also an abundance of creams and gels that will visibly reduce bags and dark circles. Two of my favorites right now are the Origins GinZing refreshing eye cream which is $31 at Sephora, Macy’s, and Origins.com and Ole Henriksen Ultimate/lift eye gel which I actually bought at Marshalls for $6 but here’s a similar one on their website. The Origins eye cream I use for morning/daytime, it’s made to brighten and depuff and then my Ole Henriksen for night time. I’ve seen actual results from both products and I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a way to diminish the look of their dark circles and bags.



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