For this next part of the series, I want to continue focusing on the ‘top.’ Before I showed you some different combinations with a blazer. Now I wanted to hit on the kind of shirts you can wear with a pair of slacks or cigarette pants that would be office appropriate. The first shirt I picked up at Goodwill for $3. It’s a white button down sans the buttons. It’s actually got a string tying all the button holes together. Same thing for the “buttons” that would go on your sleeves, instead a string is there. I thought this was the coolest thing ever when I first picked it up. You can dress it up or down and it pretty much goes with anything. I paired it with a pink tank top underneath that has criss-cross straps in the front. I also did my makeup with a pop of pink so that it matched. I think even for an office job or an interview you can play around with your makeup and outfit matching as well. If that’s the most your job dress code will allow then I would have fun with it.


Next, I have on one of my favorite wrap shirts. I picked this up from Goodwill as well for $5. It’s this beautiful dusty pink color and it wraps around best from the back to tie in the front but you could also try different ways. That’s the great thing about wrap shirts, they are very versatile in that style. I paired this with my mini muted gray pleather Steve Madden bag that I got at Plato’s Closet for $10. The color goes with the pink so I think they compliment each other well.


Next is of course for those of you that are in colder climates. This sweater is a velvet black piece from A Brand New Day or A.N.D. that I found at Target for $7. It has bat sleeves and goes great with gold necklaces so I paired those together. I also thought as an opposite from my last look I would put my light pink Steve Madden bag with this shirt to offset the dark color. This sweater is also super soft and warm on the inside so it’ll for sure keep you safe from the freezing temperatures. It’s also a good piece to pair with a blazer or black leather jacket if it’s really cold. Making you look chic and cool even for the office.

Lastly I thought I would throw in a casual look that works for the office. I paired two t-shirts together and layered them. I know what you’re thinking?: What the fuck Darcy? But it’s in the case of a ‘dress-code’ policy that prohibits low v-necks or showing too much skin, etc. I thought as an ingenious idea, you could layer a scoop neck with a v-neck so that you aren’t showing too much off but you still have the element of style. I think it works best with colors in a similar scheme. Like black, whites, and grays. Or different shades of the same color. You can also add layered necklaces and an embellished belt to give off that ‘casual’ vibe.

I hope you guys liked these looks and let me know in the comments if you wanna see more or if you have any suggestions on other pieces to wear to the office.


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