Hellloooooo everyone, which is probably like 10 people. One of my friends has hounded me forever about teaching her where to begin in makeup and how to do this and that (contouring, eyeliner, eyeshadow, etc.) I decided as a way to give her and anyone else some clue as to what the fuck they need to prepare them for doing their own makeup, I’m going to unleash all the secrets I’ve gathered and my do’s and don’ts for doing makeup. AND because everyone’s favorite things are lists and pictures. I’ll give you both. Yes, I know. You’re welcome.

  • First things first, you can not expect your makeup to come out looking right if your face ain’t right. That’s some tough love for ya but it’s the truth. Whether it’s your own damn fault for not investing in a good skincare routine or you just can’t get away from those damn genetics. It’s up to you and you only to seek out a treatment plan for your blemishes. No matter what they are. Do your research, save up your money, talk to your parents, plan it out and pay up. A good skincare routine undoubtedly will cost money. If that just ain’t the case for your bank account then consider home remedies. Check Pinterest that’s my fav place to go for making your own skincare.


  • Invest in a good primer. This is the layer of protection between YOUR SKIN and YOUR MAKEUP. You NEED that layer whether you want it or not. It’s so freaking important and will go a million ways to making your makeup come out better. It also helps when taking off your makeup, to make sure it’s not sticking to you like glue instead of melting into you like butter. My favorite right now is Baby Skin by Maybelline New York.


  • I have another post dedicated to my eyeshadow breakdown so I will just say this, understand the difference between the amount of shades versus price and the quality of the makeup itself not necessarily the brand. Eyeshadows are a dime a dozen honestly. You just have to do your research. If you need look inspiration, check out my Pinterest beauty board.


  • Brows: Whatever anyone else tells you about going to get them done, don’t listen. Having the ability to keep your brows shaped the way you want is very important. Styles change. You think 20 years ago that the brows from today would be ‘trendy’? That’s a big fat no! So 20 years from now they are probably going to change again. Keep it simple and light, here’s a graphic that lays out the way you should fill them in IF they need any filling in at all. 

  • Face: Foundation is a ‘you-gotta-find-what works-for-you-and-your-shade-type-mess’ and the same goes for concealer. Here’s another graphic that explains the way I like to contour and highlight with cream and powder products. Again, these are simple steps that you can take and just add on as you learn more.

  • Lips: To prepare for any lip color, stick, stain, gloss, or other: you need to scrub. Preferably a lip scrub. Lush has of course their infamous Lip Scrub which I own and stand by loyally but there are also other alternatives such as Jeffree Star collection or the E.L.F. lip exfoliator. Then I usually go in with a balm of some sort. I have like every flavor of EOS balm but right now my favorite is Blackberry. After that apply liberally whatever color you want and stay inside the lines. Trust me you’re not gonna be Kylie Jenner level on your first couple of tries but you’ll get there sweet angel. You just need to practice. I personally prefer lipgloss, my fav right now is NARS lip glide in the shade ‘Bound’.


  • Finally SET THAT FACE BITCH. Whether it’s with some rose water or Urban Decay All-Nighter Setting Spray. Keep all that hard work locked in tight and protected from the elements like humidity, cold winds, etc. There’s nothing more depressing or embarrassing then your makeup melting the fuck off your face or getting so stuck you can’t move like that bitch Fiona from ‘A Cinderella Story.’


Thanks for looking at my tips! I hope they were helpful, let me know if you wanna see more like this or any suggestions for people just starting out in makeup.

xoxo Darcy Mae Modica



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