For my next post about professional wear I wanted to list some pieces of an outfit that you can get at everyday stores or online. A lot of the pieces I posted for this series have been from my own closet or from thrift stores that I frequent so I wanted to change it up and show you a guide/wishlist of sorts to some really cool pieces for good prices. These pieces aren’t specific but they are altogether really good and affordable pieces for an office settings.

The first piece is this really sophisticated fitted black dress from Shein. Which is fairly new in it’s in popularity but it’s an online store with really low affordable prices that I’m obsessed with. The only downfall I say to any online shopping is that you’re never 100% sure if it’ll fit the way you want. The good thing is that Shein has a pretty straight forward return policy so always check that out before you buy anything online.  

Another dress from Shein is a different kind of but still completely appropriate. It’s a comfortable flowy gingham patterned dress. Suitable for those days when Florida temperatures are in the sweltering numbers. It’s breathable and soft so you don’t feel suffocated and you’re still stylish.

These pants follow the comfortable path as well while still being appropriate for the office or an interview. A couple variations of these pants have been circulating on social media and they’ve been really popular recently. They’re tapered outward into a wide-leg pant with multicolored stripes that will make your legs look a million miles long.

Another pair of comfortable but chic pants is these grey checkered pants. They have an almost ‘sweatpants’ look but still look good enough to wear for the office or an interview.  These pants are for a casual day at work and honestly they work for not only the office but for everyday.

My favorite pair of pants are these are flowy military green floral ones from Shein as well. They honestly are stylish enough that you can pair them with a simple white or black shirt/blazer combo and you don’t have to really dress them up.  

I hope you guys liked some of these pieces and you should definitely go check out Shein and if you liked seeing stuff from other sites let me know what you like.



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