Hello sweet angels! As we move well into March and most of you are probably out on spring break, I wanted to talk about some outfits I came up with and the inspiration behind them: Springtime! A little fact about me but I’m an April baby. Yeah yeah, that means I’m an Aries. Some of you are probably like wow that explains so much about my personality. I’ll dive into all my theories about astrology and zodiac symbols in another post but just know that being an Aries is important to me. On top of that, I LOVE spring. The weather in Florida is as I’ve said before super bipolar but some days in spring are the best.

Let me set the scene: The air is like a light 70 to 75 degrees with a soft breeze and everything is lush with greenery and the flowers are in bloom. You decide since your office is close to your house (only in our wildest dreams) that you’re going to walk or ride your bike there because it is just SO nice out (said like a true Floridian). You’re on your way and the wind is whipping your hair in that supermodel way (we wish!) so you slow down and take a selfie (aka 1,000) before you continue your journey. You passing a pretty pond on your way there and some cute little duckies are crossing the road to get to pond so of course you take a video for Snap or Instagram Stories. Finally, you make your way into the office, and you sit down at your desk feeling refreshed and renewed from all the springtime loveliness. These next looks that I’m laying out are going to be the ideal outfit for the little daydream I just played out.

The first outfit is this the ideal casual dress that still works for the office as well. It’s a knitted light pink cardigan over my velvet embroidered long bell-sleeved shirt. Paired with my Levi’s and some slip on shoes. I’ve also added my deep purple Calvin Klein over the shoulder bag. I like the way these easy colors blend with each other and the flowers on my shirt give off that spring time vibe.



Next is this combo, which I’ve always thought is a the definition of a spring/summer outfit. It’s a simple print dress with a jean jacket over it. This particular dress actually has a sort of beach vibe on the print with a waterfront, palm trees, and birds in the sky depicted. I think for another casual look while still good for the office/an interview this is definitely a combo you can safely fall back on.



This look contains one of my favorite items for a office/interview situation: a maxi skirt. The maxi skirt in this photo is also one of my favorite colors on me and that’s a military green. It just goes well with my sort of olive skin tone. I paired it with my fav tank and a cream colored bag. To complete the look I added some flats but you can also switch them out and add heels and a blazer to make this look professional.


Another maxi skirt look is with this pleated sheer black skirt. It’s a similar style to the one above but this has a small slit up the side. I paired it with this grey Abercrombie  & Fitch knit tank top, over the tank is a dark wash blue button down. It’s one of my favorite staples in my closet. Usually when people think of button downs, they think of winter or fall but I feel like a lot of really good spring outfits have button downs in them. It helps against some of those wild Florida winds. I also added some bright red heart shaped sunnies. If you’re inside your office you can always tuck them into the breast-pocket so they are still on display. Another addition is my velvet bucket bag in bright red as well. The bright pop of color with the reds really gives the whole outfit that fun spring/summer vibe.


Next is another look with my Levi’s (have I mentioned I love these freaking jeans!) aka my mom jeans. They are super comfortable and they have a wide pant leg for anyone with thick thighs like me. I cuffed them at the end because I think when you’re jeans are tapered inward like that it alway looks good. I took one of my favorite blue blazers with a white lining the collar and paired it with my off-the-shoulder checkered shirt that had tied cuffs at the end. This look screams girly to me while still being chic enough for the office/an interview. I added some velvet flats to top it all off.


The final look for spring I curated is a combination of my black scalloped skirt with the grey Abercrombie & Fitch tank again. Paired with my sheer military green bomber jacket and a floral pair of Vans (another one of my favs). I added my black pleather mini backpack to complete the look.



Thank you guys for reading and of course if you liked this post let me know and tell your friends! Any suggestions for more posts like these or other spring ideas put it in the comments down below.








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