I’ve been going back through the my old photos from when I was experimenting with makeup through my early teens. I wanted to show some flashbacks of my disastrous start and not all of them show a full face of makeup but I still like to look back and laugh at all looks.

Here are some from the very beginning, makeup free days.

Then we have some early photos of when I was in high school, this is around sophomore year. I just want to point out that I had just discovered the whole ‘filling eyebrows in’ thing and at the time I believe I was using the E.L.F brow duo kit that had one side powder and one side cream. I remember outlining it with the cream first and then just dusting it lightly on the inside with powder.

I was also experimenting with lip color. I thought I was a bad bitch and wore a lot of different stuff but never actually went outside with it on. I was too unsure how it would be perceived so I would only ever wear them around the house or in my backyard for lil photoshoots but never out in the real world. LOL.


These next two photos are junior year, when I starting plucking my own eyebrows and as you can see I got a smidge better at filling them in. (Also can you tell I liked stripes!) 


This photo was taken with one of my best friends Emily (she doesn’t look like this anymore either lmao) in our senior year of high school. At this point, you can tell I am much better at doing my brows now but still have trouble making them even.

SOOOO… this disaster of a makeup look for graduation was a bit rushed as you can tell from the smudged under eye. I was also using shitty mascara at the time but even then I didn’t apply it correctly.  I also was trying really hard to get out of my shell so I actually wore this look to graduation with the lip color and everything. Although, I really wish I hadn’t and I kept it simple but whatever you can’t change the past.

Now on to the best day of my motherfucking life: The Drake concert. This was for his Summer Sixteen tour. My dumb ass didn’t take any pictures of my actual look except these goddamn black and white photos, you can’t see it but I did like a orangey/coral eye look with that dramatic wing because the colors for the tour were black, white, and like a fiery orange.

This is my final throwback, this photo was taken last summer. It was probably July. I had gone for a walk with my friend Emily (yes we’re still friends!) and we had a lil photoshoot. I think this was a simple makeup look which is really who I am, I used my Modern Renaissance palette that I had actually just purchased at the time and boy has it been a minute since then. Also, you will note that my brows finally look pretty decent.

That’s it for this post! I hope you guys enjoyed a good laugh at my expense! Honestly I laughed real hard at myself going through all the photos and to be honest only shared the less embarrassing ones. If you guys have any flashbacks or “transformation” photos you want to share, please let me know if the comments!


xoxo Darcy Mae Modica


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