Because I’m a makeup hoarder I need lots of new and creative ways to store my makeup without breaking the bank. So today I’m sharing with you all about my makeup storage! I got my vanity (pictures below) a couple years ago from my sister. It was her friend’s who didn’t want it anymore and then it sat on my sisters back porch for like EVER. Until I finally I declared I was gonna take it off her hands for her.

It’s got 3 drawers down the right side going the are labeled according to what I put in them and then more in the long top drawer. I like to keep the most immediate and important things in reach so that’s why everything on top of my vanity is the most prominent stuff like my brushes, everyday makeup essentials and even some jewelry.

To the left is just my face brushes in a glass jar that I bought from Old Time Pottery for $2. It actually took me like an hour to find the right one that would be wide enough to fit all my brushes without looking like a flower vase, same thing goes for my other glass container on the other side holding my smaller brushes. If you’re ever looking for a good glass container for brushes then look no further than your local Old Time Pottery or even a Michaels or Hobby Lobby. They also usually have things like glassware and ceramics on sale on certain days.

If you have no time for nonsense and you’re schedule never permits for any diddle-daddle in the morning when you’re getting ready. Then you definitely need to invest in one of these super convenient clear plastic makeup organizers. You can find them here at Amazon or Marshall’s sells a variety as well including glass ones. I have my foundations and concealers here because I use those the most along with my favorite powder, blush, bronzer, mascara, lip glosses, and my go-to eye shadow palette.

The long top drawer contains literally everything else, which doesn’t seem like a lot but really is. I have my bigger palettes squared off to the side and then in this little wire pans that I bought at the dollar store (kitchen section) I put my more palettes, single eyeshadows and glitters. My other powder, blush, bronzer, mascara, liners, and anything else that I manage stuff in there. It isn’t exactly “organized” in each of the little containers but I’ll eventually find a better way to keep it all together and by then I’ll probably film a video for it!

That’s it for my makeup storage, skincare storage will be a different post. Thank you for reading! And always, always, always if you have any more suggestions for makeup storage or just wanna share your own storage then please let me know if the comments.


xoxo Darcy Mae Modica



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