Since I missed March and it’s becoming a pattern that I do every other month, I’m just gonna keep going down the list of people that I use as style icons. People I use for fashion advice/inspiration via their YouTube or Instagram, etc.

This month’s Style Icon is Karen Yeung aka KarenO or as her Instagram handle states: @iamkareno

So as usual, I’m gonna dive into a little background on every person and then I’ll show some of my fav looks.

Karen Yeung is a LA-based beauty, fashion, and lifestyle blogger that was born in Hong Kong but raised in the Bay Area. She started uploading videos in March of 2013 and has now grown her audience to over 1.5 million subscribers.

I first started following her in 2016 when did a couple of makeup videos that really inspired me but it wasn’t until later I discovered this girl has a passion for fashion! I watched a couple videos of her lookbooks and different outfits that she created for spring/summertime and I fell in love with her style.


Her mix of street fashion and sexy pieces is gorgeous! I love the way she pairs skirts and tops the most. I think there’s something so interesting about a well-thought out combo between a top + bottom set like these two above. It just goes to show how brilliant she is for creating these looks. Whenever I’m feeling like rocking something with attitude and flair, I go to KarenO’s Instagram and scour it for looks.

For those colder months, she still pulls together looks that set my soul on fire *cough cough* anyone catch that?

I mean look at those boots! They’re like Beyoncé-level fierce boots. That’s another thing that I really vibe with in all KarenO’s looks. She exudes confidences in every look and it reflects in her outfits. Even when she’s on the grass in a hoodie, frayed-jeans, and Old Skool’s. If you’re looking for street style/totally punk inspiration, she is ya girl. I’ll leave links to all of her social media below so you can check her out!





Thank you for reading! If you liked this and want to see more let me know in the comments below and please share with friends, family, lovers, mother, brothers, and even everyone you hate!

xoxo Darcy Mae Modica


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