Recently (a.k.a every spare moment I have) I’ve been scouring the Interwebs for new pieces that I think scream me and others that are kind of out of my comfort zone. Like the great and wise as fuck Rihanna said in her recent Vogue makeup tutorial “And my vibe for summer is more is more.” To showcase these pieces that I’ve spotted “around town” I’ve curated a list and of course it involves pictures and graphics because who would I be if I didn’t include them?

A dumb bitch that’s who.

The Infamous Baker’s Boy Hat

Not only is this hat classic as fuck but it’s come back in a big way. Unlike the classic beret, a Baker’s Boy hat has a hood so it’s a lot more versatile than a beret which is more of just a small cover for your head that looks cute. This hood means you can actually wear it during spring + summer to shield your eyes from the sun while looking ridiculously adorable. Peep below a collage of my inspiration.

Instagrams from Top to Bottom Left to Bottom Right: @offcial_cat, @chrisellelim, @nanda_schwarz

2. Socks With Heels (not with sandals!)

I know what you’re thinking? I’m delusional if I think this is somehow cool now. I get it, it’s not for everyone. I think the concept is good in time of cold weather when you don’t want to sacrifice the look for boots. I honestly think that this gets a bad rep for being tacky but with the right outfit it can work for you. Here’s some inspiration to showcase some looks where I think this style really works.

Instagrams from Top to Bottom Left to Bottom Right: @everyblondeneedsabrunette, @rachelteetyler, @nessymagic

3. Acrylic/Resin Statement Earrings

Now you know I’m hopelessly devoted to my gold jewelry. I think it complements me well and always looks good with any outfit. I’ve been peeping this acrylic/resin earrings trend for a while now and I’m starting to get a girl boner for them. It’s crazy! To show you what I mean here’s a collage of my inspo and the reason I’m probably gonna max out my credit card buying 100 pairs of these beauties.

Instagrams from Top to Bottom Left to Bottom Right: @lucywilliams02, @official_cat, @lucywilliams02

4. Chunky Sneakers a.k.a Dad Sneakers

This is honestly probably the last trend I would try. Mostly because I feel like there’s only a handful of outfit ideas that I could pull off with sneakers like this and because where the fuck would I go wearing those? There like “Dad shoes” but they’ve been trending like something you would wear to an underground rave or an illegal street race. I don’t get it but I also don’t make the rules. Here’s some inspo that begs the question if it’s really tacky or really genius?

Instagrams from Top to Bottom Left to Bottom Right: @platform, @platform, @evachen212

5. Wide Leg Pants and a Crop Top

Instagrams from Top to Bottom Left to Bottom Right: @lucywilliams02, @jnelv, @jnelv

Remember when everyone was obsessing over skinny jeans. It makes me laugh thinking about when I use to hear people say skinny jeans never go out of style. LOL. I think they forget that they were invented in the 80’s then everyone lost interest in the 90’s and early 2000’s. Then it was straight leg and wide leg pants for days. Now wide leg pants are back and better than ever. One of the main reasons they’re back in style is because paired with a crop top you could double as Janet Jackson circa 1995 MTV awards. Issa look.


6. Cut Sweatshirt/Hoodie showing a Unique/Plain Bra

Instagrams from Top to Bottom Left to Bottom Right: @annemarie, @annemarie, @noahcyrus

I’ve been watching this pop up here and there with a lot of music artists and this style has kind of a stigma around it. There’s a clear idea here that this isn’t for everyone, not that it’s right or even relevant but it’s there. Personally, I don’t give 3 fucks what anyone thinks. If I want to walk around in a sweatshirt that’s definitely not keeping me warm and showcase a nice bra that isn’t falling apart on me I can damn well do it. Aside from a possible public indecency charge, this is a good look. It’s creative, full of possibilities, and definitely a spring/summer staple. You can even interchange the ‘sweatshirt’ for a mesh option.

Thank you for reading! Hope you liked this and let me know what you think in the comments.

xoxo Darcy Mae Modica


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