In my last post, I go into detail about my conversion to organic skincare. This decision doesn’t extends to makeup as well. I felt it was only right that if I was going to do this then I needed to go all in. As I mentioned in my last post, I did get rid of everything that had any kind of bad chemicals or toxins in it. While doing research on organic products, I stumbled upon a huge list from that breaks down all the brands that aren’t cruelty-free. Would it surprise you to know that a large majority of brands that we use in not only makeup but even everyday cleaning supplies test their products on animals. Here’s a link to another list of non-makeup brands that aren’t cruelty-free from Vegan Rabbit.  In this post, I just wanted to showcase some of my favorite cruelty-free brands in makeup,  where to find them, and how to check if a new brand your trying is cruelty-free.

  1.  Wet n’ Wild – This is one of my favorite brands even before I decided to go completely cruelty-free. They have really good makeup that’s not expensive. You can typically find them at Walmart, Target, Walgreens, CVS, and online.


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  1. NYX – This is another brand that’s relatively not expensive and still has super high quality makeup. They have stores in 42 locations in California, Florida (where I’m at), Illinois, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Jersey, Nevada, NY, Pennsylvania, Texas, Virginia, and online.


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  1. Milani – This is another drugstore makeup brand that I adore. They have the best eyeshadow palettes for cheap and it’s a great alternative from better known palettes like Maybelline and Covergirl who aren’t cruelty-free.


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  1. Flower Beauty – Drew Barrymore’s “brainchild that was born of her straightforward philosophy that woman everywhere deserve the best quality products at an affordable price.” This brand is pretty new in the beauty world but it’s made a hell of an impact. I love their hydrating and long-lasting setting spray!   


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  1. e.l.f – This is a brand that most makeup gurus aren’t that vocal about because it’s really inexpensive! That can be a turn off for people because they might think it’s not great quality but that’s not true! It’s amazing quality and so affordable that if you can’t afford this then you shouldn’t be buying makeup bitch!




  1. Physician Formula – This brand is famous for it’s bronzer but what many don’t know is it’s foundation is actually top notch stuff. I have the Healthy Foundation in the shade MC1. It’s my go-to everyday foundation and also inexpensive.




  1. Anastasia Beverly Hills – Now I’ll move on to more high end brands. This is of course a classic in the beauty world. I love their eyeshadow and highlighter formulas! They have a large range of liquid lipsticks as well that pretty much set the standard for what’s a good liquid lip.




  1. Too Faced – This brand as well as the next one have had some controversy on whether or not they are really cruelty-free. The brands themselves are cruelty-free but their “parent companies” or owners of the brand (usually a big corporation) are NOT cruelty-free. This can get a little confusing so I will be doing another post on this. Other than that, I love Too Faced! They have incredible eyeshadow palettes and their themes are always super fun.




  1. Tarte – This brand has one of the best concealers in the game and it’s of course full coverage. You can literally wear it and nothing else and it’s like you have a full face on! They also have in my opinion, the best blush books. I love a good collection of blushes instead of individuals. It also saves you a lot of money.  



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  1. Morphe –  This brand has everyone else beat when it comes to a lot of eyeshadow colors for a good price. Not to mention a brush range that is unparalleled. I’m especially excited for the new Jaclyn Hill collection!





         These brands are all amazing and I love every single one of them for different reasons but the most important is that they’ve dedicated their time to making formulas and testing them by NOT USING ANIMALS. It’s crazy to me that if these brands can be successful without animal testing then why aren’t other brands hopping on this motherfucking train? Greed? Money? International markets? I don’t know but it’s clearly possible to make it happen. I only encourage you all to take a minute and think about making the switch. With all these amazing brands in place it’s not as difficult as it seems.


xoxo Darcy Mae Modica


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