Hey bitches! I’m a little late this school year but I wanted to just go through a couple of things that I did to help with a new semester.

  1. Using a binder instead of notebooks
  • I  don’t know about you guys but I can’t carry around a lot of notebooks or have a lot of notebooks for each subject. I think binders just work better because you don’t have to put as much paper in them, you can attach folders in them and keep extra seperate papers there, you can add a ruler or a small pencil pouch and keep writing utensils in there as well. It makes keeping all your school materials in one place SO much easier.

  1. Dotted/graph over lined paper
  • Using dotted or graph paper in your binder is a tip I just picked up recently from a YouTuber called ‘studytee’. I don’t know her actual name but she recommend this graph paper called Whitelines which is graph paper with a white background and gray lines for the graph. This helps the notes stand out better on the page so you can really see them and it’s not distracting to the eye. If you don’t want to get those then I recommend these from Target.

  1.  Get a good planner! Or if you have a current one, update it with a class schedule and important dates. This might not work for high school students as most high school teachers don’t have set schedule for the whole year which is lame but for college students you can put in the different chapters for each week and any test dates or big project deadlines in there. You can also look up your school calendar and put in when you have breaks/holidays or teacher work days. (p.s. I might even do a video on how I set up my planner for the year!)
  2. Getting the right apps for the new semester is my next step. A couple of apps I picked up last semester and this semester:
  • Calculator 2 – ($1.99)I got this for my math class last semester, this can help with basic college math or algebra. You can write any problem into it and it gives you an answer!
  • Canva – (FREE) I got this last semester and it’s changed my freaking life! This is a graphic design tool that I’ve been using in replace of creating my blog and YouTube graphics from scratch on Adobe Illustrator. This app has a bunch of premade templates and illustrations for you to use and put together yourself. It’s honestly been a huge time saver for me and I HIGHLY recommend it to any other future or beginning bloggers.
  • Adobe Acrobat – (FREE) This is something that I’m kind of embarrassed to say I didn’t have until recently. I just added to my school apps on my phone because I have a textbook on there and it’s great for highlighting specific lines you want to add to your notes. It also has a scanner so you can scan documents and make them a PDF.
  • Outlook – (FREE) I got this because I missed an important financial aid email and it caused some small problems for me so I finally got this as it’s connected to my school email account. It actually adds my personal email to the account as well!

  1. Something I also picked up recently is taking a step up with my note taking. Aside from the better paper system, I’ve been highlighting and using sticky notes for remembering important items that I’ll be tested on. Sticky notes also are really good to cover up any mistakes you might’ve made in pen or marker with drawings or diagrams.
  1. When teachers don’t make you a study guide, what do you do?
  • This is honestly a pet peeve of mine but ya know teachers probably feel some type of way on the other end so I’m not trying to call them out. I think if you don’t get a study guide or even an idea of what chapters/topics you’ll be tested on then the first thing you should is ASK. They might not be forthcoming with a list of potential questions but at the very least they should tell you what chapters/topics you will see on the test/quiz. After that I usually go back and look up important words to make index cards. (I might make a video on my study habits, too!)  
  1. Finally, my newest thing is making study/get shit done playlists! I normally do this on Apple Music but since that’s not available to everyone I made a new one this year for Spotify and I wanted to share it with you guys! Let me know if that’s something you’d be interested in hearing!

Thanks for reading! I hope this helps you guys prepare for the new school year. I really like talking about my college experiences and what I’m currently using to help alleviate the stress of school so I think I’m going to start doing this a little more regularly. Let me know what you thought in the comments!


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