Hey bitches! As I recently talked about what I do to prepare for a new school year I thought I’d show you my desk setup and how I’ve arranged things this year. I’ll be linking where I got things to in case any of you want to pick up some of my suggestions.

I have a iMac 2008! I know it’s super old but I got it on Amazon for $200 (refurbished) and it fits all my Adobe programs on it so I’m happy with it. It also doubles as my t.v.  I don’t have to have a big seperate computer with a monitor too. I think that was the true appeal for me. WIth the desktop I have my Logitech speakers which I actually found at a Goodwill $10! They work really well and are super loud. Perfect to play my Spotify study playlist on. I also have my rose gold Blackweb keyboard that I got on sale at Walmart for $9. Not shown is my Macbook Air 11 inch. I use that for on the go stuff like when I want to go to a cute cafe (probably Starbucks) to sit and do work.

Next to the speakers is my candle from Bath + Body Works that smells amazing (like flowers) and I have my trusty Drake bowl where I put extra headphones and my card readers. (A sketch of his face is on the inside!)

To hold my utensils I have a couple different organizers. The white tray is another $1 treasure I picked up from Dollar Tree. I actually got several of them at different sizes which I use to hold some toiletries in my bathroom as well. Inside are some little jars with rose gold caps. Inside them are a couple different essentials: close pins, push pins/thumb tacks, paper clips, binder clips, staples, and little mini arrow sticky notes to mark important pages in my binder. I also have my cute little pink Beetle staged on top of my “Long List” pad from Kate Spade. The Beetle is from my local grocery store actually but it was only like $6. The Kate Spade notepad was $5 at Marshall’s. Lastly on my desk is my writing utensil bowl. This bowl is from Old Time Pottery and I got it for probably around $5. It holds all my pens, pencils, markers, scissors, and hole puncher.  

For above my desk, I have a metal grid that I actually took from the bed spring of a baby crib and spray painted gold. It holds pictures of my favorite people and some quotes in calligraphy and fun lettering that I copied off Pinterest. Below, my desk has a little white 3 drawer organizer that holds all my extras that I got on sale for $15 from IKEA. Inside is more pencils, pens, sticky notes, electronics, notebooks + binders, etc.

Hope you guys enjoyed a look at my desk! Let me know what your desk looks like it the comments!


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